The Tower of London: What Makes It So Special?

Anybody who had gone on a Euro Trip would tell you that the Tower of London is at par with Big Ben. The Tower of London has existed for more than 1,000 years. It had seen the different cultures of London grow and be destroyed by countless conflicts and promises of peace. The gigantic tower is enigmatic from afar, but why is it so special?

Tourists coming to London could use the Bus routes of 15, 42, 78, 100 and RV1 to bring them along the Tower’s walls. However, anybody touring with a group will definitely have the “City of London tour” on their schedules. The tower is normally the last stop for these planned tours.

Once you get inside, the tour guides will tell you about the history of the Tower

It was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1078 and it served as a royal residence, the royal mint, a prizon, a zoo and an armory to the kingdom. However, its main function was to make sure the royalties are safe from any insurgency or enemy attack at any time. Reaching for the skies, it had defended royalties and held Royal Coronation Processions.

It had also been the site where the sons of King Edward IV had been murdered at the command of their Uncle King Richard III.

The Tower of London has these parts and more to see

The White Tower is where Shakespeare’s Richard III had a scene. The White Tower also has an 11th century chapel that is completely preserved and also has a great exhibition of antique suits of armor and arms made over 300 years old.

The Crown Jewels are on display at the Jewel House in the Tower of London. The Royal Families of London had kept these crown jewels since the 11th century and moved their riches in to the tower by the 14th century. They are still used in Royal ceremonies and events that concern the British Royal Family.

The Bedchamber of King Edward I shows a life-sized diorama of how British Kings and Queens had lived. It also features a recreation of a 13th century palace owned by King Henry III, where tourists could see the comforts of medieval luxury.

In The Royal Mint, tourists could see the classic coins and artifacts produced in the mint. The Royal Mint is not without its stories of crime, thievery and ransom.

The Tower Green is infamous worldwide because it has been the common execution site for criminals and anybody who lost their lives within the Tower’s walls. The Countess of Salisbury Margaret Pole was the most infamous person to have been executed in Tower Green because of her old age, and the number of times the executioner missed her head to finally end her life.

The Visual Primer Before Heading to London

London is a melting pot of culture while retaining its own root traditions. From above, London is a marvelous city showing the London’s Eye, which showcases the skyscrapers of the beautiful city. If you need to know about its history, tourist guides are available in every section of the country.

London also plays host to international rowing competitions, royal tourism, and exciting nightlife. However, some tour guides also tackle the sinister and dark past of the city of London, namely the secrets of its tunnels, buildings and disasters.

If you want to have a complete tour of the best and worst of London, this is a very good primer.

Misconceptions About London

London is no doubt a city that is very much visited by folks around the world. But it stands that there is still that percentage that has misconceptions and takes random talk seriously. It could be that a friend has travelled to England’s capital and may have told you things that have discouraged you to have the trip yourself. Well, what better way to know the truth than to experience it on your own, right?



  1. It is full of unfriendly people

Of course, it cannot be denied that strangers will not exactly be cordial to you at first glance. Especially for the British folks, they are of a private kind – they are careful on who they interact with. But this does not mean they are proud and standoffish. You just have to approach them pleasantly and with utmost respect, and they will return the favour gladly.


  1. It is expensive

No, you do not have to be wealthy to come to London. Just like any traveller, you just need to do your research and look for flights and accommodations (among others) that will fit your budget. And there may be high class restaurants, you still have the choice to opt out and go for local eating places. Everything just really depends upon you and how much you are willing to spend.


  1. It always rains

Weather is indeed a matter to be ready for. You need to pack the right essentials so that you will not be left cold as you sightsee. But this one is not really true. To avoid such thinking, all you have to do is look out for the weather forecast on the date and time of your visit and coordinate with it as you arrange your baggage.


What other misconceptions do you know of?


Business Of The Month: London Decorators

There is no doubt that people want to live in a home that is not only functional but also beautiful as well. Folks take pride when they see their house from afar and then fancy its overall appearance. Of course, compliments from friends, neighbors and others follow, which then boosts the owner’s esteem more.

But it is a fact that Clapham painting and decorating can be much work. Doing it all by yourself can be difficult. With this realisation, what you can do is to entrust your residence to the professionals who can deliver the services that will make and turn your home into another level of beauty.

Well, a company that you should definitely invest on is London Decorators. They have been around for 15 years already and in this span of time, they have proved to the public, more so their many customers, that they are competent in giving a high quality performance.

Their strong team will surely satisfy the client’s needs and preferences. Their services include interior and exterior house painting, commercial painting, wallpaper hanging, plastering and tiling. They even offer kitchen and bathroom design.

For one, painting may seem to be a simple activity that you can just do. Nevertheless, it is actually a process that will need time and effort before it can be fully accomplished. You still have to assess the existing walls and fix what needs to be fixed such as cracks, holes and the like. The choosing of paint colours is an important step as well. You have to be able to consider your whole house and your theme. Doing so carelessly can bring more problems later on, so it is best to tackle the matter with an expert. And again, the London Decorators team can be of great help.

Supposing you want wallpapers instead of paint, this can also be provided for you. Wallpapers are nice because there is a wide array of colours and patterns you can pick out from. Application and installation of these will not be a worry for you because it can be done, fast and clean at that.

As mentioned, you may have a motif or some inspiration and the decorators Kilburn can listen to you and take all that into consideration. They will be open to your ideas and it would be good if you are receptive to their suggestions too. All in all, this is a collaboration between two parties and so, utmost cooperation would be big in itself.

The business understands the desire for a beautiful and well maintained home. Hence, they put forward all these services to very much cater to these aspirations. What is good, really, is that they will never allow for mediocre work to happen. From that alone, you can see how you can absolutely rely on them when it comes to your house or even commercial structure.

If you have any decorator and/or painter needs, you already know who to call up. For sure you will be contented with how the project will turn out.

Top London Attractions

London is always considered to be one of the top destinations for people, especially travelers. The city is rich with culture and many other industries such as fashion, business and architecture flourish in the most populous area of the United Kingdom. This global arena definitely does not lose to other places in the world.

Now, tourists flock to the city just to visit the many attractions that it houses. If you are planning your next trip overseas, well, you should consider going to the prestigious London region, yes?

London Eye

Currently, it is Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel. It was even regarded as the world’s tallest when it was constructed in 1999. With its 32 passenger capsules that can carry more or less 25 people each, you get to enjoy the view of the metropolis. Going at night would be a sight with many lights that fill the city. You can even take it to another level by riding a river cruise or trying ice skating.

Buckingham Palace

Of course, who is to miss the residence of royalty? This Westminster house is architecture fit to the high society. There is even the Buckingham Palace Garden, which is the largest private garden in all of London. But what is good with this royal mansion is its state rooms, among others, are available for the public to see and visit usually in the months of August and September.

Big Ben

This is what it is popularly called but actually Elizabeth Tower is the name of the structure. Big Ben just refers to the clock itself. All the same, it is the largest chiming clock in the whole world. Situated at the north end of the Palace of Westminster, you usually see this London symbol in many films. The Big Ben is for your eyes only though but residents of the United Kingdom can be able to arrange a tour. Then again, the downside is you will have to climb all the way to the top because there is no lift.

London Dungeon

Want to go for an interesting quest to learn the city’s history? Well, you should definitely try out the London Dungeon! The former museum has been turned into a more interactive site. There are theatrical shows and rides that will surely make the stay enjoyable and maybe even a little scary.

Madame Tussauds London

This attraction is famous for gracing the premises with life size wax models of topnotch celebrities. Take the opportunity to pose on pictures with the likes of Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and even Queen Victoria. There are the Marvel Super Heroes as well.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Go up to the highest point of London, where the Bishop of London also sits. The cathedral is the mother church of the local diocese and even physically, it can be attested. It is one of tallest buildings in London and it is even the second largest church building. Of course, it is open for everyone and prayers and services are done daily.

Business Of The Month (Nov): Bespoke Shutters London

Looking for a company you can trust to supply and install plantation shutters in London for you?

Well, when no one beats the expertise and experience of Bespoke Shutters London and its team! You will never be disappointed as you avail any of their services.

They offer numerous types that you can choose from depending, of course, on your preferences. There is the Full Height kind, the Café Style, the Tier on Tier, the Solid Panels and the Special Shapes. Whichever you pick will be conditional to the size and shape of your windows and how you want the shutters to function.

The standard form is the Full Height plantation shutters. It covers the whole window and can be divided into two with a middle rail. This then creates two portions where the slats can be open or closed separate from each other. Perhaps, you would want one to be open, while the other closed or vice versa – this will be just according to your liking. It just implies here that you have more control with them.

Café Style, on the other hand, are set up to only half of the window, unlike the Full Height. They are simply called half shutters. Say, you have a long window, you can make use of this by only installing the shutters on the lower part while the upper portion is without. Many people choose this to get light and a view but still with some privacy.

Tier and Tier can be considered similar to Full Height. Basically there are two sets of shutters but it differs because they are not one unit. They are really separate. Nevertheless, it is just the same when talking of operation. You can open or close both at the same time or otherwise.

If you want total darkness and silence when your shutters are closed, then you should get Solid Panels. These blocks, when they are ajar too, provide full light and air (maybe even noise). In essence, you get all or nothing.

For beauty and style purposes, houses have windows that have unconventional shapes and sizes. May it be circles and angles, they also have shutters fit for them. The Special Shapes type is customised to fit a particular window.

Bespoke Shutters will certainly help you in the decision making process. You may not know which to get because they are all very functional but the company can assess your windows to see which would be better. This will still be accordance to your preferences too.

Installing plantation shutters are important because they render help and assistance to the home and its occupants. Having them, you will have great control of the entry of light and you will have the advantage of trapped heat, which is vital in winter months. In addition, you get heightened privacy and protection.

This is why you should commit to a professional team to do the design and installation for you. There is no doubt you will achieve beautiful, sturdy and long lasting shutters with many roles.

Business Of The Month: Highgate Landscapers

If you are in need of landscape gardeners North London, you do not have to look far away. Highgate Landscapers is a company you can trust in giving you your landscaping and gardening necessities.

Having your own garden is a good extra space but knowing how to use it is certainly better. When you know how to utilize it to its fullest, you will no doubt enjoy its many benefits. For example, a good-looking and well maintained one will surely raise the value of your home. It will make your overall property look attractive, even at first glance.

Therefore, it is vital that you identify your garden’s purpose. First off, basically, it can be your way to meet and relish nature at its finest. When you have been in the busy (and polluted) city every day for either school or work, you would for sure want to breathe some fresh air and to just relax, especially during free time and/or the weekends. You will also want to have a garden for aesthetic purposes. Nothing beats looking and staying at one that is beautiful, vibrant and pleasant smelling, right? It will not only captivate you, it will also captivate others. And for those that like to spend some time outdoors with family and friends, the garden can definitely be a perfect setting. Again, you get to delight in nature and that is together with your loved ones!

Recognize your need – and want – for a pretty and functional yard and undoubtedly, Highgate Landscapers will be of service to you!

In terms of starting out, many people actually do not know how to do that. Not being well educated and being afraid of venturing into this project are just two of the common fears why they do not even embark on this endeavor.

Nevertheless, here is an organization that can help you before, during and after the whole process.

Plant life is almost mandatory in gardens. Well, the outside will not be as splendid without plants and flowers that provide colour and fragrance. They promote health and well-being as well.

For a more scenic landscape, paved areas are made. Examples for these are walkways and pathways. They are set up for direction (say, from the gate to the house itself) and for the protection of plants from being stepped on and such.

Patios and decking can be installed too. These are additional spaces for partying and even for some alone time. You get to do simple dinner and birthday parties or do barbecue gatherings. Whether there is a special occasion or not, your garden will definitely be a great place to socialize and entertain.

Security and privacy are major factors to be considered in a home and garden as well. This is where fences come into the picture. When you put them up, you will certainly feel more protected as you put a boundary for people and even animals to not go past.

Furthermore, cleaning and maintenance can be taken care for you to preserve all the work that has been done.

Hiring a Luxury Car in London

Now you can try the experience of driving the luxury car of your dreams!

Yes, many people, especially men, are super fond of cars. Whether it is the toy version or the real one, cars are just their favorite. But alas, these automobiles, more so the high class types are pretty expensive – no, they are really expensive and for those not part of the rich sector, these are not just within their means.

Then again, a solution has come up for those who live in London or for those who plan to travel there. You can get to drive and/or ride whichever car model you choose! There’s the Audi, the Lamborghini, the Bentley and many more – just think of your preferred luxury vehicle; that would be the first step for this process.

You do not have to look so far; find dealers locally or better yet, make use of the Internet and do a search. With just the click of your mouse, you can easily obtain information on businesses that offer rental services. A name you can trust when it comes to this matter is the RMP luxury car hire London. They have all the prestige and first rate car brands available for rental.

If you want to know the feeling of being able to drive one or two (or more!) of these automobiles, then now, it is not as impossible as it used to be. Even though you do not really get to own one, at least you have got the experience of using it, right? That would be better than nothing. Supposing you have some extra cash stashed and you fancy driving around the country with a luxury car, then here is your chance!

Chauffeur services are also offered so for those travelling and visiting London, why don’t you take the experience to another level by renting a luxury car? Again, whether it is a Bentley, a Mercedes Benz, a Range Rover hire London to provide for you. Feel like a king or a queen riding the automobile of your choice as you roam the streets and neighborhoods of the wondrous city.

And if you really need a special reason for hiring a luxury car, then do so for occasions and celebrations like for your wedding day! Transportation has definitely not become this classy.

This concept is certainly helpful (not to mention appealing) to those who cannot exactly afford the huge expense that comes with purchasing these brands. Indeed, their costs equate for the design, function and performance they have but still, the fact remains that it is a pricey piece of work.

For whatever purpose you may want and need a luxury car, here is a way that you can get to own one even if it is only for a short period. And even if you are just hiring, it does not mean you have to get less of the whole experience. You are still entitled to the sophistication that comes with a high quality vehicle.

Getting Married in London

Marriage is a rite of passage that needs much deliberation and careful thought. And before being married, a wedding is, of course, a requirement.

Each and every one has their own kind of dream wedding, and it may differ in regards to theme, concept and even location.

Those with a lot of money even do their wedding ceremonies in different places, even going as far as overseas, like in London. If you are a local or a foreigner wanting to marry in “The Square Mile,” here are some guidelines.

As in any wedding, planning is to be done and you and your partner should discuss and come to a compromise on things. First would be the wedding venue. This will depend if you will have a civil or a traditional church wedding. A famous venue in London is the Mayfair Library where you can enjoy the intimate occasion in a quiet and romantic atmosphere. If you really go down the civil path, registrars must attend the ceremony as well so book early. And before getting married (no less than 16 days), a notice of the intention to marry must be submitted. This is a legal document that should be done by both locals and non-citizens, and it will cost around £35 per notice (so it will be £70 per couple). Pre-ceremony interviews are carried out by the registrar as well.

Now, when you decide to get married, you and your partner must be not less than 18 years old. Required documents include birth certificate, passport, and Authority Certificate. If any of you is below 18 years old, there must be parental consent to allow you to wed. Divorced papers should be presented if you have been through a divorce.

In an occasion as major and important as this, recording and keeping the memories is very worth it. The wedding photographers London has are certainly competent in documenting various weddings, especially if they are in their own hometown, since it is familiar territory for them. Hire one that you trust and one whose style you prefer. Take into account your budget when employing.

ChaChaCha wedding photography London is operated by photojournalist, James, who does incredible shoots to capture the essence of the whole affair. He is ready to listen to your inclinations and he will give out suggestions that you might want to consider.

There is no question that aside from legalities, elements like wedding gowns, invitations, and food, among others, are basics to be accomplished. Start to explore and tour around London so that you can have more options to choose from. Or you can also do the work at home by surfing the Web or ask for recommendations from family and friends.

Wherever you may get married, be it London or any other venue in the world, always remember that it is not only about the wedding, but it is also about the union and marriage that binds two people together. To those who are to tie the knot in the near future, congratulations and best wishes!

Types of London Pubs


Getting around London’s watering hole can be tricky. One needs to be know which to hang out to.

The craft beer bar
It utilized to be a dull boozer loaded with wagering machines and disappointment. Now, adhering to a back-to-barebrick refurb,  it’s the hippest place in Hackney. Currently the Nightsoilman’s Arms is packed with bearded guys of indeterminate age, sporting declaration glasses and also sleeves of tattoos. On the wall: horns. On touch: 30 overly powerful and also pricy craft ales. The pork scratchings are ‘artisan’, which suggests ‘expensive’.

The tasty mummy neighborhood
Fifty percent gastropub, half Wacky Warehouse, this location finishes up looking like a Hieronymus Bosch painting by Sunday lunch. Between the paraben-free consuming straws as well as soya babyccinos there’s absolutely nothing to distress compact stomachs.

The speakeasy
You had to call a number and pretend to be a Dutch TELEVISION salesman called Ruben. You had to play, and gain, a video game of chess against Death himself. It looks like your grandma’s living area with the dimmer switch transformed down to ‘sexy’, as well as the drinks are served in jam containers.

The City kids’ bar
The targets have actually been boshed, so now it’s all down to the Guff & Gobble to celebrate with pints of weak lager up until Jonesy from Mergers passes out (timeless Jonesy). Oi, Jonesy, view your pint! Oh well, that’s one more one for the thick shag to saturate up.

The only area that’s open
There’s no option except to sing as well as drink luminescent shots along to that track you normally hate, while gathering garments blemishes you’ll later on not be able to determine. The next morning you wake up certain of one thing just: that was certainly the last time.

Is London a Good Place to Live?


So considering what you say that resonates at a primitive degree (specifically your arguments regarding housing, rubbish transportation and a world of lesson benefit). As well as yet, you understand. London conserved my life. For many of us it is the wonderful liberal, democratic area. If you’re various or a little odd or counter-culture, London approves you. It provides you room to steer, space to take a breath. It’s the place you involve when the place you came from, in my instance the West Midlands of the 80s, despairs of you. London is more thrillingly diverse compared to any sort of city I have ever before stayed in. In this questionnaire they talk about quality of life, and for me that means approval and freedom conference folks which are not like me, that stretch as well as question my slim feeling of self.

Yes, of course all fantastic funding cities are slightly passive-aggressive. Probably we have to learn to be innovative  to think outside the evident limits.


You’re absolutely best that several of the teamwork and as well as sense of empowerment was squandered. I do think this city is endlessly inventive. We’ve welcomed the London biking, strolling as well as overground, finding one-bed flats in zones 4 and also 5; remaking our city in a time of hardship. The city incentives business owners; however yes, they need to remember to take people with them, to share their best of luck.

Several of the most appealing work taking place in London now is around the national politics of “scarcity”. We require to release spare space, as well as explore brand-new models for versatile living and co-housing, as opposed to build high-rise buildings for the international super-rich.

The common working people I fulfill at home as well as in workplaces, that’s my London; not the oligarchs and the home designers as well as the Candy bros. The extremely best bits of London are free.

As I travel outside the capital I see a growing animosity about London (interestingly, Cameron’s cupboard are seldom pictured visiting Liverpool or Manchester, given that they know the party they would get). But I do enjoy the internationalism of my city, the means I learn a lot regarding various cultures, different national politics and cuisines, merely by going to a regional street event. I additionally have little love of flower child people that deal with the city as their exclusive play ground. London has a fairly youthful population, however the addiction with the lives of 17-year-olds in Shoreditch does us all an injustice. I wish to know regarding the lives of 70-year-olds, too; the pioneers who have actually seen London change. What interests me concerning the “gentrification” of several parts of London is that it is the outsiders, the artists, which relocate into a gritty location, colonize it with pop-ups and also galleries, coffee shops and also neighborhood areas, and afterwards are priced out when developers relocate.

It was heartbreaking to view our city burn, but also really relocating to be component of the “riot-cleanup” procedure. In Peckham, my area of south London, pictures of the Peace Wall, where black, white, aged and also youthful queued up to authorize colored Post-it notes with messages of goodwill, went round the globe. There are huge sessions we need to find out concerning the riots probably a feedback to consumerism gone mad.